Properties across the UK have been forced to suffer extensive structural damage when their drainage systems fail. Thanks to sewer system repairs in South Cumbria, you’ll be able to avoid these problems altogether. Over the years, even the most durable of sewer pipes can suffer from all kinds of damages due to wear and tear. If you want to keep your property protected, it is important that you identify and repair any damages to your sewer system as early as possible.

Here at Drain Doctor South Cumbria, we can provide complete drainage repairs for all kinds of systems. Our experienced engineers have worked on properties across the UK, including commercial, industrial and domestic buildings. There are many different problems which can lead to serious damage to your system. Thanks to our services, you’ll be able to repair them and protect your home or business from serious structural damage.

What are Sewer System Repairs?

Whenever your sewage system becomes damaged, it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible. Otherwise, water could escape into the surrounding soil, walls or floors. This can lead to all kinds of damage which can then require costly structural repairs. The sooner you repair the damage to your drains, the less at-risk your property will be. Ideally, you want to identify problems as they are developing, rather than after they have become truly threatening.

Here at Drain Doctor South Cumbria, we can deliver complete repair services to all kinds of sewer and drainage systems. We specialise in providing repairs to mains sewer lines, in addition to the drainage systems of individual properties.

What are the Risks of Allowing Sewer Systems to Remain Damaged?

Sewer systems in the UK are responsible for transporting huge amounts of waste every single day. Failing to ensure that they are maintained effectively, or repaired when they become damaged, can be a serious problem. Without sewer system repairs, a broken sewage pipe or mains sewer line can lead to:

  • Health Hazards and Infections – Dirty water (known as grey water) can contaminate other materials. It can be particularly serious when grey water combines with drinking water. This can lead to a whole range of potential infections and illnesses. As sewer lines carry water and waste from kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, it is possible that it will contain all manner of harmful materials. Some of these materials could include:

o   Faecal Matter.

o   Food Particles and Rotten Food.

o   Fats, Oils and Greases.

o   Dirt and Skin Cells.

o   Hair and Soap Scum.

  • Damage to Property – If a drainage pipe breaks on a property, it can lead to structural damage. It is common for broken pipes to cause damage to the foundations of various structures. It can also lead to mould and damp.

    When a mains sewer line breaks, this can have the same effect. However, it will be on a much larger scale. The sheer volume of water that streets and neighbourhoods use daily can easily lead to water-logging of entire properties. If this water spreads to multiple properties, it can cause costly damage to their foundations.

A Complete Sewer System Repairs Service

At Drain Doctor, we can deliver a comprehensive sewer system repairs and maintenance service. This can allow us to deal with a wide range of different systems, including:

  • Sewer Lateral Lines.
  • Sanitary Sewage Systems.
  • Storm Sewer Systems.
  • Vacuum Sewer Systems.

Our specialists can provide in-situ repair services for all kinds of drainage pipes. We can offer drain lining for smaller cracks and collapsed drains. However, our engineers can offer in-sewer repairs for larger sewage lines. Whether you’re suffering from a collapsed drain pipe or a severely damage mains sewer line, our team are here for you.

Get in Touch with Drain Doctor South Cumbria for Sewer System Repairs

Here at Drain Doctor, we can deliver a complete sewage repairs service for all kinds of systems. Over the years, our engineers have worked on all kinds of properties across Cumbria and North Lancashire. We have delivered industry-leading repair and unblocking services to utility providers in addition to commercial, residential and industrial facilities. Thanks to our professional team, you’ll be able to protect your property and the property of your customers from extensive water damage.

Neglecting to care for your sewage systems can result in a wide range of problems. This can result in structural damage and long-term hazards to health. For more information on the benefits of complete repair services from Drain Doctor, get in touch today. You can reach our experienced team of engineers by calling us directly on 0800 026 6623. If you prefer, you can also send any questions or concerns that you might have through our simple online contact form. Our team will get back to you at a time that is convenient to you.