Drain Doctor Northwest has confirmed that it'S CCTV system meets the new industry guidelines


 This week this bulletin was issued to all Building contractors 

All of United Utilities wastewater assets fall under the ‘Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations’ (DSEAR) and as such all sewers are classed as ‘zone 2’. This means that any CCTV survey equipment used within the sewers needs to be intrinsically safe (Ex rated) as to not cause ignition or spark in a potentially explosive atmosphere. 

As the public sewer network is classed as an ‘open network’ substances which have the potential to cause an explosive atmosphere can be introduced into the sewer without the knowledge of United Utilities. 

Therefore, we would like to advise you that authorisation to investigate or survey United Utilities assets will not be granted unless the appropriate equipment is used.

Drain Doctor Northwest are happy to confirm that our CCTV Equipment meets these new requirements and we can therefore work within public sewers subject to correct permissions from United Utilities.

To contact Drain Doctor please call 0800 026 6623 or visit www.draindoctornorthwest.co.uk.